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Radom + box för RocketDish 60cm

Radom + box för RocketDish 60cm
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Includes both the Radome/Tube and Rocket Shield.

Our PREMIUM kits are made completely from marine grade aluminum to provide continuity between all parts and provide years of corrosion free service.

The Rocket Shield will Reduce/attenuate unwanted RF energy, either in-band, out-of-band, or out-of-channel from being seen by your radio greatly improving performance.

Our Rocket box replaces the Ubiquiti existing plastic mount and "fully" encases the radio within an aluminum box that has no openings larger than the quarter wave of the radio. Less expensive knock off Rocket covers utilize the existing radio mount and leave the back fully exposed to RF energy from nearby radios and signals that may bounce off the back of the dish back at the radio.

The Radome Tube extends from just outside the edge of the parabolic curve to out past the end of the stem to prevent unwanted RF energy coming from the top, bottom, and sides from reaching the stem greatly reducing unwanted noise to your radio keeping the radio focused only on the desired RF signal.

The Rocket Shield (aluminum box) also provides EXCELLENT protection for the Rocket and it's jumpers from the elements.

The Radome also reduces wind loading and ice build up on the antenna, and is designed to withstand 100+ Mph winds.

Since you are lowering the noise levels your signals will be much cleaner allowing higher sustainable air rates with fewer wireless retry s as well it also allows you to concentrate more radios in a smaller area without self interference. This can greatly reduce tower fees and or allow you to more efficiently utilize your limited mounting space.

This Kit will not increase the gain of the antenna but you will only lose 0 to 1 dB compared to 2-3 dB for most other typical Radomes. We achieved this by using a specialized UV Stabilized Polystyrene material that is only .030 think yet resilient enough to last in the most demanding environments!

Made from marine grade aluminum for light weight and to allow for electric conductivity keeping the shielding in contact with the antenna ground plain as well as providing years of rust free service! These kits are 4th generation and have been refined based on customer feed back and extensive testing.
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