Laserlänk 100m

Laserlänk 100m
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The Polewall LH100 Optical Wireless Bridge creates a new benchmark for wireless bridging by providing a high performance solution for connecting networks and devices together. Designed to be a cost-effective alternative to leased lines, it is engineered for both indoor and outdoor line of sight applications.

The Polewall LH100 Optical Wireless Bridge can be used to provide either: 1. The sole connection. 2. The primary connection with an additional technology providing redundancy. 3. A redundant connection in conjunction with other technologies such as fibre.

Applications include: Enterprise - connect LAN segments across buildings Surveillance - connect cameras across car parks, roads or factory floors Broadband service provider - Fibre network extender. Connect more subscribers Mobile backhaul - connect base stations while waiting for permanent transmission

Features & Benefits
High Speed Connection Real full-duplex 100Mbps Ethernet throughput
Bitrate 100Mbps
Ultra Low Latency Fibre-like system latency (typically less than.2ms)
Secure Operation Highest level of physical transmission security, due to narrow angle transmission beam
Immune to RF Interference All Polewall FSO products are immune to radio frequency interference
Network Interfaces Standard 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet copper interface
Low Voltage Design Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection, no need for expensive high voltage power cabling
Low power consumption Total power consumption <3W
Installation/Alignment Built-in robotic alignment. Requires just one person to install. Service terminal for link planning, configuration and operations.
Eye safety Rated Laser Class 1M (eye safe) by the internationally recognised IEC/EN 0825-1/A2 laser eye-safety standard
Technical Specifications
Range 100m
Vertical angle adjustment The maximum vertical uptilt of the optics is 15 degrees, which equates to 25.5 meters at an installation of 100 meters.
Bitrate 100Mbps
Data Interface Ethernet
Power Interface 48V DC Power over Ethernet (datasheet shows the incorrect info, 48V is correct)
Optical Power 3MW
Laser Class 1M (Eye-safe)
Mounting Line of sight required
För fullständig fakta, se PDF faktablad och PDF manual
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Skalverktyg HT-3332D för RG58, RG59, LMR/HDF200
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