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BWE100 802.11b/g Indoor Light Mesh Access Point

BWE100 802.11b/g Indoor Light Mesh Access Point
Light Mesh Light Mesh Light Mesh Light Mesh
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The BWE100 AP is a very compact (measuring only 175 x 145 x 38 mm) indoor Access Point which, in addition to the normal Access Point and Client modes also has a Mesh AP mode. The Mesh AP mode means you can very easily extend the wireless coverage at home or work by distributing mesh nodes around the property acting as a series of repeaters. Since this is proper mesh mode, as well as acting as repeaters you have the added advantages that a proper mesh network can give you i.e. ease of roaming, very easy setup, dynamic traffic routing, redundancy, plug & play, auto-configuration and auto-adaptation. The open Meshing features means the units can automatically discover neighbouring Mesh AP's and interconnect to create a single wifi mesh network. Each BWE100 can link together into a mesh network without connecting with switch. The product was designed for small area networking so, in order to maintain a decent link speed, the Mesh AP is limited to 5 devices on the same mesh. In addition the product includes a web-based management interface which enables users to easily handle network management and maintenance tasks for the Mesh AP units. It also permits users to monitor node condition, link quality, traffic flow, and event logs of the Mesh AP units on the mesh network. The web-based Topology function also allows Network administrators to easily configure, update, and monitor every Mesh APs on the mesh network.

EnGenius covers this product with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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