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AirMax RocketPanel 60° 2x2 MIMO Sector

AirMax RocketPanel 60° 2x2 MIMO Sector
Art. nr.
11,00 kg
Vårt pris:
2 420,00 kr
inkl. moms 25% ( 484,00 kr )
As the next generation of 2x2 MIMO sector antennas from Ubiquiti Networks, the airMAX® ac Sector Antennas feature significant advances in calability, noise isolation, and beam performance to complement the Rocket ac radios. They are also compatible with RocketM5 models; however, optimal performance requires the Rocket5ac.
The airMAX ac Sector Antennas are highly resistant to noise interference in co-location deployments. The innovative deflector design, together with the reduced sidelobes and backlobes, reject interference from other transmitters in the area - potentially on the same tower.
Improved Signal to-Noise Ratio (S/N or SNR) allows a higher-order modulation to be used, for example, 256QAM rather than 16QAM. This increases the number of bits per second for a fixed bandwidth (or data rate). Due to innovative design, the airMAX ac Sector Antennas provide higher gain and superior beam performance for high capacity, multipoint networks.
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Buntband 300 x 7,6 mm
39,00 kr
Adapter N-hona->SMA jack
84,00 kr
Kabel cardsplitter DATA-CS
15,00 kr
Takantenn GSM/3G
595,00 kr
Mikrotik Cloudcore CCR1016 12 100/1000
7 435,00 kr
Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN 802.11n
1 495,00 kr
UniFi AP ac LR 867 Mbit AP 400mW incl PoE
1 395,00 kr
UnifiSwitch 24x10/100/1000 2xSFP 500W
8 150,00 kr
Cloud Router Switch 226-24G-2S+RM
3 540,00 kr

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